AC servomotor / brushless
TETRA Motor Power Company


  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Power:

    Max.: 8 kW (10.88 hp)

    Min.: 0.06 kW (0.08 hp)


Range of brushless servomotors with excellent efficiency along with high torque rate, thanks to the intrinsic technology that gets the most out of the magnetic material . TETRA is equivalent to high precision during positioning operat ions with frequent speed and torque changes, and ensures optimum performance throughout a wide range of speeds. The original construction of the rotor part (patented) permits two possible inertia executions on the same motor size by ensuring an optimum dynamic response even with different load masses.


0,25 – 60Nm stall torque
Sinusoidal or trapezoidal wave form
NdFeB Magnets
IP 65 protection
Class F insulation
Feedback: Resolver, Encoder + Hall sensors, Hall sensors
Winding to UL standards (OBJY2.E216686)
CE certified