pneumatic manipulator / with gripping tool / for lifting / handling
Mechlift Pro™ series Movomech



  • Drive type:


  • Gripping device:

    with gripping tool

  • Applications:

    for lifting, handling

  • Other characteristics:

    ergonomic, balanced, for the automotive industry, overhead rail-mounted

  • Carrying capacity:

    100 kg, 150 kg (220.5 lb)


Pneumatic Mechlift Pro™ is a versatile moment-absorbing mani­pu­lator suitable for many types of lifting of loads up to 150 kg. In its upper mounting, the lifter can be fixed or rotable. At the bottom, there are a number of tools adapters to choose from, with or without rotation.

At the tool adapter, a pneumatic gripping tool with its control units is easily integrated. Even a simple mechanical tool provides a smooth and ergonomic handling.

The pillar unit’s moment-absorbing wheels enable load outside the lifter’s vertical lift shaft.

Many pneumatic versions
A variety of pneumatic configurations allow adaptation to widely differing handling situations. Mechlift Pro 100 is available in several standard versions: counterbalanced for 1 or 2 loads, or in a pilot control version for balancing of varying loads in combination with a throttle handle or a pneumatic load cell.