Control system
MTI-Mischtechnik International GmbH


The MTI control system is setting new standards for mixing and processing equipment with regard to safety, efficiency, economic benefits and reliability. Not only fulfilling, but rather exceeding the requirements has always been our motivation for innovation, which inspires MTI to highest performance. Out of this passion for the best MTI has developed the new control system.

By using one standardized control system for all customers worldwide MTI consequently continues the way of "One Global Level of Safety". As a minimum requirement, all MTI control systems are in full compliance with the European Machinery Directive2006/42/EG and if requested extended by national requirements. State of the Art-Technology is not only developed by MTI it is the solid base of every day’s work.

All MTI controls are programmed with the SIEMENS Totally Integrated Automation (TIA-Portal). This clear system structure allows the optimum integration of all different control components in one uniform system environment. With this strategy MTI sets standards again for the entire industry.


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