AC/DC switch-mode power supply: encapsulated module
10 - 15.6 W, 5 - 48 V | PMN/PCMN15 series MTM Power

The product family PMN/PCMN15 with low voltage input completes the range of primary switchedMTM Power Modules. The modules offer input ranges of either 30...60 VAC or 30...72 VDC and allow -due to the different types available in this series - efficient solutions in numerous application fields. Dimensions are 76,0 x 50,7 x 22,7 mm (PMN) and 110,0 x 50,8 x 23,0 mm (PCMN). Thus, they offer the same dimensions and pinning as the standard AC/DC modules of the same wattage range which allows the customer to design only one layout for standard AC and low voltage. The vacuum encapsulated devices offer an isolation of 3,3 kVrms and comply with the up-to-date EN standards as regards CE conformity. Further features are rugged design, SMD-technology, automatic 100 % final test and 100-
%-burn-in-test. The series PMN/PCMN15 offers 15 W constant output wattage, is short circuit protected, needs no ground load and is designed for PCB-mounting (PMN) or chassis mounting (PCMN).


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