AC/DC power supply / closed frame / encapsulated / with short-circuit protection
10 - 15.6 W, 5 - 48 V | PMN/PCMN15 series MTM Power


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    closed frame, encapsulated, with short-circuit protection, switching


MTM Power PMN/PCMN15 AC/DC-modules are of primary-switched type. They offer low voltage input of either 30 to 60 VAC or 30 to 72 VDC. With the availability of various input types, the modules can provide effective solutions to a range of applications. Dimensions of PMN are 76,0x50,7x22,7mm and of PCMN are 110,0x50,8x23,0 mm. Thus, their dimensions and pinning are similar to standard AC/DC modules within similar wattage range. Due to this, a single layout for standard AC and low voltage can be designed by customers.

The PMN/PCMN15 series modules are vacuum encapsulated. They provide an isolation of 3,3 kVrms. They have short circuit protection and do not require ground load. They are in conformance with the latest EN standards for CE compliance. They have a robust design and use SMD technology. Additional features include automatic 100% final test and 100% burn-in-test. They provide constant output wattage of 15W.


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