Electrical connector / rectangular / screw / motor terminal plug
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    motor terminal plug


MC-Motor terminal plugs for 6-pole clamping plates are for making quick contacts of electrical machines in test fields. The Motor terminal plug is connected onto a lead by means of a screw and nut (a plug connection is also available when desired). The terminal plug is simply pushed-on onto the machine to be tested.
With a plugging action all the clamping plate bolts make contact simultaneously. To clamp the internal collets onto the terminal bolts the clamping stirrup is pressed down a full 90°. Tests can now be started. Standard models are available for clamping plates with M4, M5 and M6 bolts as well as for clamping plates with different bolt spacing.
Motor terminal plugs can be fitted with either one or two leading earth pins. They make contact with the fixing bolts of the clamping plates.
Voltage and current adapters for a wide range of bolt sizes from M8 to M16 complete this product line.


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