High-pressure food processing system
max. 5 000 l/h, 6 000 bar | HPP 700 Multivac


HPP or High Pressure Processing is now offered by MULTIVAC as a new preservation technology following its recently formed partnership with high pressure solution specialists. With High Pressure Processing, relevant food-borne microorganisms are now decreased or eradicated. There are one or more HPP vessels and a pressure intensifier system with average pressures reaching up to 6000 bar used to eliminate microorganisms that cause spoilage inside each HPP system. As a result, food shelf-life is extended and food safety is ensured, meeting the increasing need of consumers for fresh, healthy and delicious food. In addition, customers can experience added convenience: now, processed, fresh, or ready-to-eat food can now be stored at longer periods while still being sure of its high quality.


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