electrical power supply connector / data / jack / circular



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    electrical power supply, data

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M23 cordsets are available with orange jackets as power cables and with a green jacket for signals. They are an established solution for connecting servo motors with connector size 1.0. So far, you had to wire connector solutions for M23 applications from many individual parts. However, this solution wasn't good enough: many users complain about lacking seal, inadequate behavior when exposed to shock and vibration and time-consuming and inconvenient assembly.
Murrelektronik offers M8 and M12 connectors for the sensor/actuator level that solve these problems. The expert knowledge gained with these connectors has been the basis for the development and production of Murrelektronik's new M23 connectors for the interface between servo controllers and servo motors.
In the first step, Murrelektronik will produce cables that connect Siemens servo controllers to Siemens motors. M23 connectors with different contact layouts will be available for the motor side. For the servo controller side, power cables with precise connectors for Siemens controllers and various pre-wired or open ended wires are offered; signal cables are equipped with Sub-D connectors. A large number of Drive Cliq connectors will also be available.
Murrelektronik's M23 connectors are an excellent solution for connecting servo motors to servo controllers.