AC/DC power supply / DIN rail / three-phase / switching
Emparro 3~ series MURRELEKTRONIK



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail, three-phase, switching

  • Input voltage:

    Min.: 360 V

    Max.: 500 V

  • Output voltage:

    Min.: 24 V

    Max.: 28 V


Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24V applications are important components in quality power management systems. These units are not only extremely reliable but also extraordinarily efficient as a result of their integrated reserved power. However, they don't require much space in the cabinet.

MTBF of about 1,000,000 hours
Integrated gas discharge tube
Up to 95% efficiency rating
Permanently overload protected - up to 20%
Power Boost function with 150% power for up to 5 seconds
Hyper Boost function with 400% power for up to 20ms
Minimum space required