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SOLID67 is the new Murrelektronik line of compact I/O modules. They simplify installations in the field and are especially attractive for applications with IO-Link sensors and actuators. The modules provide eight IO-Link slots close to the process itself and can easily incorporate classic IOs into the system as well.

Thanks to the fully encapsulated metal housing, and impressive vibration and shock resistance (15 and 5 G); the modules are ready for use in rough industrial environments, even in a temperature ranging from -20 to +70 °C. This opens the way for numerous applications. The extensive diagnostic functions of the module, available via the control system or an integrated web server, make troubleshooting a simple matter.

Simplified inventory management
The SOLID67 modules are compatible with multiple protocols: they support ProfiNet and Ethernet/IP. It is only necessary to flip a switch directly on the module to select the applicable control concept. This reduces the number of variants, meaning that fewer modules need to be kept in stock.