radio antenna / WiFi / omnidirectional / directional



  • Network:

    radio, WiFi

  • Type:

    omnidirectional, directional

  • Other characteristics:


  • Frequency:

    Max.: 2,900 MHz

    Min.: 800 MHz


MVG Omni-Directional High Power Antennas is used in jamming applications in radio stations and data transmission centers enabling secure WiFi telecommunications. The unit can uniformly deliver power in a horizontal place. There is a directive pattern in the vertical place. The three product lines on offer are 20 W, 100 W and 400 W. The design of the unit entails easy installation on vehicles. Its manufacturing competency makes it work flawlessly during harsh environmental conditions. MVG has perfected the unit so its performance remains outstanding. The design process is done carefully, alternating simulation and measurements. The company uses the most innovative machining techniques and top-quality materials leading to tight mechanical tolerances. MVG delivers the best electrical performance/operational bandwidth. It surpasses all other competitors in the field.