metal intermodal container / acoustic
Vacu-Press® 8000 Container/6,1m Naaktgeboren Rotterdam B.V.



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The noise-insulated container is constructed according to ISO standards and fitted with twistlocks. In combination with the separator, which is designed to handle specific jobs, the Vacu-Press® container can be an exceptionally mobile suction-transfer station.

Air-cooled full-vacuum pump (98%), maximum pressure 1.2 bar.
Capacities 2500-5000-8000 m³/h.
Heavy-duty technical noise-isolated build.
Extensive range of technical auxiliary equipment with the choice of an incorporated automatically self-cleaning filtration system, safety filter and work-control area.
Optimum access for monitoring and maintenance.
Excellent technical quality, long life span
High residual value, low depreciation

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