Roller linear guide / aluminum
FWN series Nadella


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Rail length:

    6 m (19' 8")

  • Load:

    Min.: 3881 N

    Max.: 7430 N


Aluminium guide rails FWN as well as carriages TA4 and
TB4 are the components of this line.
In addition to the standard dimensions that are ISO
645 compatible, the guide system can be adapted to
customers requirements.
Bore holes and threads on the guide rails can be made
in any distance required, the carriages may have overlengths
and a special hole pattern and all this is also
available as corrosion resistance type NX.
Compared to linear guides made of steel these guide rails
and carriages weigh up to 45% less and stand out due to
their excellent running performance which minimises
the driving power and reduces significantly the cost for
motors and controls.
With eccentric bolts the guide rollers of the carriages
are kept free from play. However the user also has the
possibility to change the settings, for example in case
of vibrations, and to apply an individual preload on the
guide system. On both sides of the carriages can be
mounted end plates with oil-soaked felt seals to ensure
low-wear operation.


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