dynamic mixer / batch / granulates / for the chemical industry
NMG NARA Machinery Europe



  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:


  • Application domain:

    for the chemical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, automatic, granulator



Mixing, granulation and coating can be conducted in one vessel. We have lineups of pharma type suitable for GMP in the pharmaceutical industry, heavy-duty type suitable for a wide range of materials, and laboratory type suitable for R&D. Uniform mixing, granulation and coating can be conducted in a short time, and dense spherical granules (100μm-3mm) are obtained.

Safety: The control panel is designed with low voltage circuits, safety key locks are provided with upper cover and discharge chute for the vessel and special air seal is provided at shaft seal section to avoid contamination of the product.
Quality control: Controlling of atmosphere conditions, cooling, heating, vacuum effect, etc., sequencer and computer controlling etc. A computer controls of several NMG operations. (lot control, totalizing of production and voucher control etc.)
Cleaning & disassembly: An automatic cleaning line for shaft seal section is introduced. Disassembly and removing works of main agitation and granulation blades are possible within a few minutes.

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