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feed pump / for effluents / with electric motor / submersible
Munchpump National Oilwell Varco (NOV)



  • Media:

    for effluents

  • Operation:

    with electric motor

  • Priming:


  • Type:

    progressive cavity

  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    sewage, sump, feed, macerator


The Munchpump package consists of SB or TR Munchers with progressing cavity pumps for sewage and sludge maceration and pumping. The twin shaft, low speed, high torque grinder has very low energy consumption - in some cases it can be as much as 50% lower than a comparable submersible pump system.

Pump capacity can be limited, to offer a controlled feed, which helps improve effluent loading into a small treatment plant. Being a positive displacement pump, head is independent of speed, therefore very low pump speeds can be selected to reduce abrasive wear, lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

The efficient maceration of sewage also eliminates the need to screen inflow and the associated labor costs for handling and disposal of screenings.

Slow speed, positive displacement pumps offer low wear rates and controlled feed
Munchpumps can consume up to 50% of the energy of conventional centrifugal sewage pump systems
Munchers feature low rotating speeds when compared to high speed macerator impellers, which offers low power, a reduction in maintenance costs and low noise and vibration levels
Due to solids maceration, inlet screens are not required, together with the associated labour costs for disposal of screenings
Above sewage, dry location of equipment, eliminates sump entry risks and lifting chain certification
Small bore pipe for rising main can be used, offering lower installation costs, reduced risk of septicity and smells and lower retention times allow a significantly better feed system to small treatment plants