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rectangular screener / circular vibrating / solid/liquid / compact
NAFS Series Navector Electrical & Mechanical Technology Co.,lt



  • Type:

    circular vibrating

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rectangular


Dramatically Lower Your Maintenance Costs

The Navector Gyratory Sifter provides extremely high capacity in a very compact, energy efficient footprint.
The Navector Gyratory Sifter can increase your plant’s productivity by reducing the costs associated with routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs.
That means fewer production outages and fewer instances of pulling employees away from other duties for unscheduled maintenance. It all adds up to less frustration, greater productivity, and lower production costs.

*Easy access to screens through hinged doors on both ends
*Zero-maintenance, lubed for life, single bearing drive
*Quick and easy screen changes and inspection
*Quality and reliability

Screen changes are quick and easy, even for multi-deck screeners. With the Navector Gyratory Sifter you can change any screen at any level of the machine from either end without disturbing the other screens.
Of course, if you want to change the screen through the top cover, you can do so. But you won’t need overhead lifting gear to remove a heavy cover. The dust cover is constructed in sections that can be easily removed.

Screens are tensioned in place and can be easily re-tensioned as needed to return them to peak efficiency as they stretch. Screens are a one-piece hook design that eliminates the need for hundreds of attachment clips.
With the Navector Gyratory Sifter’s easy access doors it’s even possible to inspect for major problems without disturbing any of the screens or ball trays