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Bouncing Ball

Every layer below the screen Settings have bouncing ball segmentation unit, bouncing balls were distributed at the bottom of the screen.
Separation device design and manufacture of a certain slope, making bouncing balls more effective strike sieve net surface.
These bouncing ball on net surface, promote online particle seal material through network faster, and you can loosen the adhesion of material.
All demanding design let bouncing balls strike stronger, more impact, more effective keep the sieve net surface clean.This is what other screening machine does not have.
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Features & Benefits

The bouncing action keeps screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity.
Screening ordinary materials, rubber ball or food-grade silicone ball placed under sieve,in order to reduce the blocking probability,improve screening accuracy and screening efficiency.
Bounce ball mainly apply to the ordinary material, easy reunion, with static particles, proved to be effective device through practical validation.