Zoom objective lens / measuring / machine vision
MTL series Navitar


  • Type :


  • Technical applications:

    measuring, machine vision

  • Focal length:

    Min.: 13 mm

    Max.: 34 mm


Navitar’s new line of modular tube lenses offer the ideal optical solution for OEM and research imaging and measurement applications including metrology, flat panel inspection and cell imaging.
• Apo and Infinity corrected optics designed for imaging onto a CCD camera
• Lateral and axial chromatic aberrations corrected across the entire field
• Wide field design for close-up imaging.
• 0.5x, 1x and 2x modular design will cover camera sensors from 11-33mm
• 2 and 3 position objective changer for using multiple objectives
• Useful with brightfield, transmitted, kohler illumination and fluorescent imaging applications


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