food analyzer / protein / moisture / benchtop
InfraLab series NDC Technologies



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    food, protein

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  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, laboratory, process, NDIR


The InfraLab e-Series At-Line Foods Analyzer from NDC provides rapid accurate measurement of moisture, fat and protein in single or multiple component configurations in a variety of Food Products.

Easy-to-use, the InfraLab requires no special operator skills, and takes just 5 seconds to make the analysis.

Using multi-wavelength NIR reflection, the InfraLab does not require contact with the product sample. The sample dish is placed on the turntable; the InfraLab automatically recognizes that it has been placed there and begins the analysis.

The InfraLab has its own substantial onboard data storage capacity (up to 10,000 sample files), but data can also be downloaded periodically to a USB memory stick or directly to a PC for analysis in a spreadsheet or other software. Alternatively, it connects via Ethernet to a PC where the data is stored and displayed and can also be integrated into a LIMS network.

The InfraLab e-Series has been designed to be used in a foods processing environment and features:

Hygienic design using food-safe materials
Pass code protected user log in access
Rugged and robust enough to be used in a production area
The InfraLab is designed to be calibrated to your laboratory method such as Gravimetric Oven or Karl Fischer for Moisture, and Soxhlet and Kjell-Dahl for Fat and Protein. This means that you can enjoy laboratory accuracy without the costs, the chemicals or the time associated with lab methods. In short, InfraLab offers a number of key benefits:

Improvements to product quality and consistency by allowing more representative process sampling
Significant time and costs savings for routine QC analysis