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Single roll crusher
max. 1200 N/mm³ | KB series NEDERMAN


  • Technology:

    single roll


Crushes long swarf and turnings into short chips to save transportation costs and to allow further processing.
Nederman KB 10-49 vertical metal chip crushers crush and break bushy swarf in the swarf hopper. The crushers can accept large quantities and then reduce the swarf to an even flow of chips. This makes the crushers ideal for installation in a swarf handling system. The crusher is used in industries where the amount of swarf is an issue and before long swarf should be extracted, centrifuged or briquetted. An integrated bar end rejecter ensures high functionality and efficiency of the system.
The crusher is intended for carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloyed steel with tensile strength up to 1.200 N/mm2 (174,000 psi), aluminium alloys, sponge iron and titanium.
Very low operating costs
Versatile loading
Low noise level


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