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Partial run test device / for valves
FAITH Netherlocks


  • Test type:

    partial run

  • Test material:

    for valves


The NETHERLOCKS FAITH system is a simple and reliable solution to perform a partial stroke test.

The FAITH is integrated into the static and dynamic coupling and replaces the original coupling and spool piece. During a test, the FAITH is a mechanical blocking mechanism and ensures that the dynamic coupling can only turn a preset amount e.g. 20 degrees. Any degree of angle is possible.

The FAITH system is customised to fit; and electronics can be added to create feedback to the control room to monitor the test. The FAITH is available for both rotating and linear actuators.

A FMEDA report by Exida is available. The failure rates of the correct version of the FAITH System PP-Series must be added to the failure rates of the valve-actuator combination when determining the PFD AVG and Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) for the final element.

We have different types available for both rotating and linear valves.

The system is fully custom made to fit, not only the sizing but also several options are available to customize the procedure or to create additional feedback for control system s.

o Testing without critical wiring & software,
o Package testing during production
o Components replacements at any time,
o No production loss,
o Hardware testing, no electronic output checking,
o Test is done in accordance to real closing speed,
o Purposed designed, compact and strong,
o Lockable with the linear NETHERLOCKS key,
o Robust, maintenance-free, simple and reliable,
o Optional, an electric switch for remote test start,
o Can be used on either linear- or rotary actuators,
o Is suitable for any imaginable torque or thrust.


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