creep-in-compression testing device / refractoriness under load / materials / continuous-motion
RUL/CIC 421 NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH



  • Test type:

    creep-in-compression, refractoriness under load

  • Test material:


  • Operating mode:



The measurement of the pattern and extent of deformation of refractory ceramic products when placed under a continuous load and rising temperature is known as refractoriness under load (RUL, in accordance with ISO 1893). The softening does not occur in the same temperature range as the melting range of the pure raw material. Yet it must be properly checked with the RUL 421 to ensure the correct use of refractory products relating to applications at high-temperatures.

The shrinkage percentage of a refractory test piece when placed under a continuous load and exposed to a high temperature continuously for a long time is known as creep in compression (CIC, in compliance with ISO 3187). The RUL 421 is used for this CIC test up to a temperature of 1,700°C maximum. The RUL 421 has a robust design and is ideal for this type of long-running thermal and mechanical loads.

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