hot bending resistance testing device / materials / continuous-motion
HMOR 422 D/3 NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH



  • Test type:

    hot bending resistance

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A significant parameter in the defining of refractory materials is the MOR (modulos of rupture. Figuring out the extreme load at superior temperatures is a property which combined with other thermophysical properties is a crucial variable for quality control and creating furnace linings. The modulos of rupture is characterized as the ultimate stress a rectangular designed test object of set dimensions can sustain in a 3 point bending test until it breaks, and is indicated in N/mm2 or MPa..

The ISO 5013 demonstrates the International Standard Test Method. The dimensions of the test piece are 150 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm. In order to figure out the modulos of rupture for of refractories of 1500 degrees and a maximum load of 5000 N, (60 N/mm2), the model 422 D/3 by NETZSCH, which is engineered for constant testing with a 3 point bending device.