Water analyzer / thermal conductivity / benchtop
ISO 8302, ASTM C 177, DIN EN 12667 | GHP 456 Titan® NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH


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  • Measured value:

    thermal conductivity

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The GHP 456 Titan® was manufactured by the Netzsch Group, and is a guarded hot plate system used for the determination of thermal conductivity of insulations. It features an integrated digital control system, adjustable equilibration parameters, printable results in graphs or tables, and an ASCII-export. Adjustments on measurement temperature, atmosphere or thermal resistance of the sample is no longer required.

A temperature range of -160 to 250°C, a thermal conductivity range of 0 to 2 W/(m x K), and an accuracy better than 2% are some of the technical specifications of the device. The product works in inert, oxidizing, or vacuum atmospheres and results in 2 samples in its symmetric test configuration. It is designed for application in the thermal conductivity of glass fiber boards and mineral fiber insulation.


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