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High-shear homogenizer
VHM 500 NETZSCH Vakumix GmbH

Quality right into the detail

The quality of the type VHM, its performance and its flexibility reduce your
production times and –costs.

The decisive characteristics of the Homogenizing Mixer type VHM are:
- Vacuum-proof machine design
- Automatic lifting and lowering of the lid and the agitator
- GMP design
- CIP design,
- Stepless RPM-control of the agitator and the homogenizer, thus a highly
efficient agitating and homogenizing system in all RPM ranges.
- Patented scraping for clockwise and counterclockwise direction. A clean
scraping in both directions is guaranteed. EP000000761296B1
- Patented scraper mount without screws, pins or safety elements.
- Horizontal and vertical mixing.
- Patented method for homogenizing smallest amounts in the vessel.
- Flexible adapting of the highest shearing energy to a careful pumping and
draining of the product


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