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Rotary lobe pump / transfer
max. 1 000 m³/h, max. 6 bar | TORNADO® NETZSCH


  • Technology:

    rotary lobe

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We have perfected the rotary lobe pump concept by incorporating the tried, tested and proven NETZSCH core competence in the design and manufacture of engineered rubber solutions for the new TORNADO® T2. During the entire pumping cycle only elastomer and metal component surfaces interface within the pump; elastomer to elastomer component surface interfaces, which suffer from excess wear and generate heat, are completely eliminated. Having these dissimilar materials for the static and dynamic pump head components, the elastomeric surfaces are subjected to a lower dynamic loading resulting in less plastic deformation and stress which in turn reduces wear and extends operational life. The use of high quality sealed for life bearings, selected for their load carrying characteristics and long life, combined with the tooth belt drive result in a drive train that can be considered maintenance-free.


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