Four shaft shredder / glass / for wood / rubber
1 600 x 2 800 mm | SB 560/4 NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

Neue Herbold SB screw shredder / bale breaker is engineered and manufactured with a two fold main function. Its heavy duty design makes it ideal for voluminous materials such as wood pallets, cable drums, sheets of insulation, porous building blocks and when used in the PET bottle size reduction can easily and effectively achieve a cluster free break down of PET baled bottles. Through this extremely effective method of bale breakdown the down stream bottle separation process will be far more precise.

Neue Herbold SB series screw shredder / bale breaker is manufactured with screw shaped shafts that are installed for parallel operation. The bearing mounted shafts are centred in a chamber channel equipped in the lower channel area with a screened surface to scalp off contaminations such as sand and dirt. The size reduction or material breakdown occurs through the meshing of the rotor shaft flights and the counter teeth located at the discharge point.
The screw type flights on the shafts produce a horizontal transport of the material toward the discharge area. The final discharge area can be designed for the specific final material size and through put rate that is dependent on the application.

- flexibility in application range
- heavy duty design
- energy-saving size reduction
- low noise level
- extremely high through put rates
- reduced down times


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