rotor mill / for cables / for plastics / for rubber
SM series NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH



  • Technology:


  • Material:

    for cables, for plastics, for rubber

  • Other characteristics:

    heavy-duty, wet, heavy-duty

  • Output:

    Max.: 8,000 kg/h (17,637 lb/h)

    Min.: 150 kg/h (331 lb/h)


NEUE HERBOLD SM series granulators are specially designed for all universal types of applications.

- the size reduction of massive start-up lumps
- the size reduction of massive purgings
- the size reduction of massive profiles
- size reduction of general plastic scrap with extremely wall thicknesses.
- size reduction of voluminous hollow parts such as containers and crates.

The SM series is designed for versatile use and considered a all round granulator for todays recycler.

SM series granulators are designed with rotor and stator knives that are counter angled to each other producing a true scissors type cutting action. This design results in a cleaner more uniform granulate and reduced heat build up in the granulate. Double angle cut also reduces noise emissions and energy consumption. All knives are straight sharpening and require no special knife sharpening fixture. All cutting knives are pre-adjusted to the proper size gap outside the granulator with the use of the knife setting fixture which creates a constant gap between rotor blade circumference and screen resulting in reduced friction and therefore less thermal stress of the material. Knife changes can be accomplished 60% quicker and safer then adjusting knives within the granulator.

- universal application useage
- reduced space requirement due to compact design
- energy-saving size reduction
- low noise level due to double-cross cutting knife configuration
- easy cleaning due to clam shell opening" characteristics
- higher through put rates
- reduced down time for rotor and stator knife replacement due
to pre-adjusted knives