double-shaft shredder / for cables / solid & bulk waste / for PET bottles
1 600 x 2 800 mm | SB 560/4 NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH



  • Number of shafts:


  • Application:

    for cables, solid & bulk waste, for PET bottles, for wood

  • Other characteristics:



The Neue Herbold SB Screw Shredder is specifically engineered and manufactured to serve two main purposes. One is that of shredding voluminous materials such as sheets of insulation, porous building blocks, cable drums, porous building blocks, and wood pallets. The second is PET bottle size reduction, achieving a cluster free breakdown of PET baled bottles.

The design enables the SB Screw Shredder to breaksdown bales with excellent precision. Screw-shaped shafts are installed for parallel operation. These shafts are mounted on the bearings in the center of a chamber channel in the lower channel area, where a screen removes the dirt and sand. The material breakdown or size reduction is processed through meshing of the screw-type flights on the rotor shaft, and the counter teeth that are present at the point of discharge.

The shaft flights transport material towards the discharge point horizontally. The final discharge point can be customized based on the application and the size of the specific material in use.