plastic mill / for pipes and profiles
LP/SP series NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH



  • Material:

    for plastics

  • Other characteristics:

    for pipes and profiles


NEUE Herbold's SR + LP Series of granulators are designed and manufactured with integrated rotor and stator knives, counter-angled to each other in order to deliver scissor-type cutting functions. This design provides more precise granulated materials. It also minimizes overall heat accumulation in the regrinds, and consequently, in the granulators. The double-angle cut also minimizes energy usage.

All the knives of the SR + LP Series models are straight sharpening. They require no specialized additional knife-sharpening components. They are pre-adjusted to the standard size gaps outside the granulators via knife-setting mechanisms, creating continuous gaps between rotor blades circumferences and screens.

Other features of the SR + LP Series include incorporated bearings of the rotor shafts, and maximum measurements of up to 6,000 mm.