Bevel gear reducer / orthogonal / low-noise / custom
Neugart GmbH


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    custom, for doors


Bevel gears for revolving-door drives

The task.
For one revolving door model series there exist numerous gearbox solutions thus it was our goal to develop a single gearbox solution that can operate the various revolving doors. The bevel gearbox should have a at, low-noise design. Weight also played an important role.

Our solution.
The demands did not allow for use of standardised bevel
planetary gearboxes. Instead, we designed a planetary gearbox with a bevel stage. A great challenge: The operating noise should be minimised, the space requirements reduced and the torque increased. A crown gearing with an upstream 2-stage planetary gearbox was integrated on the output side of an aluminium housing. To reduce the operating noise, all gear teeth, the housing and the motor extension were optimised for reduced noise.


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