flammable gas detector / gas / suction type / ATEX
XP-3110 New Cosmos



  • Detected entity:

    flammable gas

  • Application:


  • Technology:

    suction type

  • Other characteristics:

    ATEX, explosion-proof, high-sensitivity, portable, with digital display, with data logging, with built-in pump, with alarm, industrial


Portable gas detector XP-3110
XP-3110 - suction type portable gas detector for combustible gases

New Cosmos portable gas detector. Easy to use gas detector for the detection of combustible gases and vapours (detection of Propane, Ethanol, Isobutane, Hydrogen, Propane, Acetylen etc.). Explosion proof structure.


For measurement of combustible gas concentration of 0-10/0-100%LEL.
Suitable for monitoring a risk of explosion.
New digital display with a simulated analog scale.
Built-in correction factors for up to 5 flammable gases.(factory option)
Explosion proof according to Exibd II BT3