Hardness tester with image analysis
Newage Hardness Testing

The Newage® Computer Assisted Microhardness System (C.A.M.S.) is a modular and cost-effective solution for applications requiring advanced microhardness testing functionality such as complex case depth traverses. The C.A.M.S. concept starts with a Newage microhardness tester (or competitive microhardness tester), such as our MT90 Series with video camera, combined with our software, personal computer and any required accessories, such as a motorized X-Y-Z axis positioning table.

The C.A.M.S. software complements the advanced video capabilities of the system by providing comprehensive test setup tools, including intelligent prompts and menus that guide the user through the test configuration process- from basic microhardness testing to sophisticated case depth profiling. Test configuration is intuitive and information is presented in a logical, step-by-step sequence. A variety of testing attributes are presented for your testing. Configuration is as simple as selecting options from a list. There is minimal text entry.


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