Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser amplifier
12 W | Spitfire® Ace™ Newport / Spectra-Physics

Revolutionary XPert™ technology
More than 12 W of output power
Superior mode quality (M2 5.0 W of average power. To support todays demanding experiments, the system performance is guaranteed over extended periods of time, placing the Spitfire Ace in a class by itself.

The Spitfire Ace Power Amplifier builds upon this highly successful platform by offering even higher energy and output power. The Power Amplifier system produces more than twice the average power of the Regen-only Spitfire Ace: at 1 and 10 kHz, the system offers >10 W; at 5 kHz, >12 W is achieved. Thanks to the patented XP cavity, the beam quality is excellent providing M2 <1.45 even at the highest energy configuration.

The Spitfire Ace performs optimally when seeded using the revolutionary Mai Tai® SP oscillator. This laser is a truly hands-free system, eliminating the need for re-alignment, cleaning or adjustments of any kind. The Mai Tai SP performance specifications are guaranteed over an impressive 20°C temperature range.


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