Air-operated conveyor / aluminum / stainless steel / vacuum
Nex Flow Ring-Vac™ Nex Flow Air Products Corp.


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    aluminum, stainless steel, vacuum, compact, horizontal, transport


The Ring-Vac pneumatic conveying system comes with no moving parts and conveys materials at high rates and over long distances. In addition to being useful for various industry applications, this item makes use of compressed air, ensuring a powerful and very efficient action along its entire length. The design is a compact one and allows high capacity conveying over very large distances.

These systems are available in coated aluminum and high temperature stainless steel with the operation being done simply by clamping a standard hose size to each end of the device, which will create a high-energy conveying system. Note that there are no moving parts and operation is completely maintenance-free, controlled with a pressure regulator. Finally, any size beyond those provided by the manufacturer can be prohibitive because of the compressed air requirements. The ability of the vacuum significantly drops beyond 2".


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