Air cooler / vortex tube / cabinet
Silent X-Stream™ Nex Flow Air Products Corp.


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  • Type:

    vortex tube

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Nex Flow Air's Silent X-Stream™ Cabinet Enclosure Coolers are commonly utilized for applications that involve electronic control panel coolers. These coolers come in 3 different model configurations: the Silent X-Stream™ NEMA 12 (IP-56) Panel Coolers, the Silent X-Stream™ NEMA 3R (IP-14) Panel Coolers, and the Silent X-Stream™ NEMA 4-4x (IP-66) Panel Coolers.

All versions are designed and manufactured out of 303/304 stainless steel materials, enabling extensive levels of corrosion protection, and longer service lifespans. They feature silent operating functions, up to 64 dBA.


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