analysis microscope / for research / biomedical / confocal
N-SIM S Nikon Engineering



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis, for research, biomedical

  • Observation technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, ultra-high resolution


The N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope utilizes a unique high-speed structured illumination system to achieve acquisition speeds of up to 15 fps, enabling fast biological processes to be captured at twice the spatial resolution of conventional light microscopes (up to 115nm in XY). Combining the N-SIM S and a confocal microscope gives you the flexibility to select a location in the confocal image and switch to super-resolution to view the desired part of the location in minute detail.
Configured with A1+ confocal microscope
High-speed super-resolution imaging at 15 fpsLive-cell imaging at double the resolution of conventional light microscopesAutomatic switching between illumination modesAcquire larger fields of viewVarious observation modesSimultaneous two-channel imagingSeamless switching between imaging modalities for multi-scale experimentsObjectives for super-resolution microscopes