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autocollimator autocollimator - 6B-LED/6D-LED


Autocollimator is an easy-to-use and yet precise metrology instrument for angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity, straightness of precision components, machine guide-way and many other applications.

These instruments achieve extremely high-precision optical measurements by applying the principles of autocollimation. Using a reflective surface, such things as the differences, variations and deviations of the microscopic edges of the object are read and a wide variety of measurements can be taken concerning deviations in its straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism, flatness and the like.

The Autocollimator 6B-LED makes high-precision measurements simultaneously on two axes with the brightfield technique, while the Autocollimator 6D-LED, with the darkfield technique, can be used for measurements like those for a plane mirror with a small surface area .

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