3D scanner / CMM / laser / high-resolution
L100 Nikon Metrology



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  • Applications:


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  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, high-speed

  • Width:

    110 mm


The L100 CMM laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. Suited for both surface and feature measurement, the L100 quickly delivers accurate data and insightful part-to-CAD comparison reports, even on shiny or multi-material surfaces.

The L100 is ideal to inspect larger components where productivity is key, but without having to compromise on accuracy. Equipped with a high quality glass Nikon lens and a high definition camera, the L100 features a point resolution of 42 µm and an exceptionally small probing error of 6.5 μm, enabling delivery of smooth meshes and high levels of detail.
Key benefits

Ultrafast data collection - 200,000 points/s scan speed
Captures the finest details - Best-in-class probing error of 6.5 μm
Copes with changes in surface color - Enhanced scanning performance
Easy to use - Field-of-View (FOV) projection
Extends the measurement reach - Integrated mount rotation


Inspection of small to large, complex surfaces
Sheet metal parts
Casted parts
Turbine blades
High speed feature inspection
Slots, holes, pins