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CT computed tomography system / X-ray / high-resolution
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Get the inside picture of complex automotive parts, by looking into the internal structure. Use CT to qualify and quantify any inner or outer dimension in a smooth, non-destructive process.
Automotive OEMs and suppliers face short lead times for introducing new products at low costs. Consequently, fewer prototype iterations are required and destructive testing is avoided. CT scanning makes analysing internal structure and dimensions easy, with no need for disassembly or destruction of prototypes. CT provides the accurate insight into internal dimensions, assembly and material structure.

Benefits of CT
- Reveal internal and external surfaces with ease
- Automatically detect and measure internal voids/volumes
- Verify complex internal structures and connections with high-resolution digital imaging and processing
- Reduce total inspection time with fast data capture

Nikon Metrology CT

- Achieve superior resolution and accuracy with in-house designed and built X-ray sources
- Move towards zero-defect production - Nikon CT Automation facilitates batch, semi-automated or full in-line inspection
- Low cost of ownership with open-tube X-ray sources
- CT Versatility allows application-specific configuration - choose from a range of large-envelope systems, flat panel detectors and sources

Application example
Fuel injector efficiency is crucial for optimum engine performance. Fuel injector holes are imperceptibly small, with tolerances below 10 microns. CT is a critical tool for guaranteeing product conformance. It provides ideal measurement and inspection to accurately determine the diameter of holes and detect blockages which could cause underperformance.