inspection machine with computed tomography (CT) / X-ray
XT H 450 Nikon Metrology



  • Technology:

    with computed tomography (CT), X-ray


The XT H 450 provides the required source power for penetrating high density components and create a scatter-free CT volume with micron accuracy. It is available with a flat panel or a Curved Linear Array detector for optimizing the X-ray collection while excluding the unwanted scattered X-rays. It provides excellent image sharpness and contrast because it avoids associated contrast reduction and image pollution.
The CLA and 450kV are suitable for inspecting small to medium turbine blades made of metal alloy and casted parts. It is capable of high accuracy inspection of dense turbine blades. The cost of ownership is very low and it is easy to operate. It provides excellent images without scattering,thus providing critical details. It boasts top level volume processing and image acquisition. Its inspection automation is very simple.