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inspection machine with computed tomography (CT) / X-ray
XT H 320 Nikon Metrology



  • Technology:

    with computed tomography (CT), X-ray


Nikon's XT H 320 offers high quality CT and X-ray evaluation analysis of small to large objects. The system features powerful 225 / 320 kV microfocus X-ray sources to run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects. As the X-ray spot size of these sources is orders of magnitude smaller compared to minifocus sources, end users benefit from superior resolution, accuracy and a wider array of measurable parts.With the optional rotation reflection target, a higher X-ray flux is available enabling faster CT data acquisition or achieve higher CT data accuracy in the same time span.

Applications range from metal parts, composites, organical tissues all the way to material synthesis and assembly, metallurgy, corrosion analysis, medical components and even fields such as paleontology or archeology.