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Zoom stereo microscope
4.4:1, 0.8 - 3.5 x | SMZ445 /460 Nikon Metrology


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The SMZ445 and SMZ460 of Nikon provides excellent optical performance in line with Nikon's cutting-edge series of stereoscopic zoom microscopes. It is possible to attach auxiliary objective lenses to achieve wider field of view at greater distance. It is available in two models, the SMZ445 having 0.8x - 3.5x zoom magnification with inclination angles of 45° and the SMZ460 having 0.7x - 3.0x zoom magnification with inclination angles of 60°. These devices can observe a wide range of specimens, from Petri dishes to plants, insects, small animals and minerals with the help of the new diascopic/episcopic LED Stand.


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