hazardous dust vacuum cleaner / three-phase / industrial / mobile
CTS22 L-M-H series Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions



  • Applications:

    hazardous dust

  • Power source:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, compact, with HEPA/ULPA filtration, low-noise

  • Power:


  • Capacity:



The CTS by Nilfisk is a range having a side channel blower that is positioned in the lowered part of its chassis. Its vacuums are made to fixed enough for its mobility and it uses a magnetothermal for on and off switch. It also comprises a vacuometer which serves as regulator of the filter so it will maintain an effective small size filtration system. The filtration system is an L class star of 19500 cm2 filter that can work day and night all throughout. This class type of filter ensures that it will give superior quality performance especially in manual filter shaker. For collection of very fine particles in filtration system, it has an upstream absolute filter (HEPA H14) and a downstream absolute filter (ULPA15). In addition, some of its advantages are its small size and it is a noise free filtration device.