waste vacuum cleaner / three-phase / industrial / mobile
R305 series Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions



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    mobile, stainless steel, low-noise

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This industrial vacuum is used for the collection of paper, plastic or textile trims. Its suction power and features make it perfect for operations in areas used for packaging. The Model R305 comes equipped with a 2,2kW three-phase motor as well as a 150l container. It mounts a nylon filter but there are optional filters available that can be used for dust extractions. The three-phase suction unit is located under the container, while the liner is spread out and completely open, and all the contents vacuumed are neatly compacted to the bottom which optimizes the container capacity.

Added benefits of the unit include that it is small, silent, has no maintenance needed, high capacity, easy and quick disposal of waste materials, stainless steel, specific linear filter for fine dust is available, and quick visual level control thanks to the plexiglass port-hole in the lid.