dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / three-phase / for the food industry
VHW210 series Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions



  • Applications:


  • Power source:

    single-phase, three-phase

  • Domain:

    for the food industry, for clean rooms, chemical, for pharmaceutical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, explosion-proof, compact, ATEX, stationary, low-noise

  • Power:


  • Capacity:



CFM WHITE RANGE: cleanliness, excellence, protection. The 100/28 is one among the Horizontal Fixed Units. This vacuum is perfect for removing and improving small amounts of dirt or small accompaniments. Due to its horizontal design, the vacuum stands for the ideal solution when only restricted space is available, particularly where altitude is a problem. 100/28 is an average size device of the "Horizontal Fixed Units" variety. It is set with quiet and trustworthy 0.85 kW three-phase motor. The major features, small dimension and basement with no wheels, make this vacuum perfect for setting up in permanent work stations where dirt and small flakes are produced (mostly pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturing and generally Original Equipment Manufacturer). * Horizontal pattern for use in abridged space * Three phase introduction of continuous duty motor * extremely low sound level * Polyester lofty performance filter * recuperate small amount of dust and accompaniments * Stainless steel edition available *...