dust vacuum cleaner / single-phase / three-phase / industrial
VHW211 series Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions



  • Applications:


  • Power source:

    single-phase, three-phase

  • Domain:

    industrial, for the food industry, chemical, for pharmaceutical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, explosion-proof, compact, with HEPA filter, ATEX, stationary, low-noise

  • Power:


  • Capacity:



Model VHW211 combines hygiene with quality performance and security. It can be used to recover amounts of dust particles and trimmings due to its small build. Its motor is protected by a sturdy steel chasis under the container. It mounts a powerful yet silent three-phase motor.

This vacuum is suitable for small work places such as in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries where dust and tiny shavings are accumulated. Its design makes it low maintenance and easy to store, and it is equipped with a polyester filter which guarantees reliability and efficiency. Available in stainless steel and switch motor protector versions.