pneumatic conveyor / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
PCC00HP Nilfisk



  • Technology:


  • Sector:

    for the food industry, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:


  • Bulk throughput:

    300 kg/h (661.387 lb/h)


The smallest compressed air pneumatic conveyor for process machines in pharmaceutical and food industry, designed to be extremely efficient and hygienic.Thanks to fully pneumatic system, it is easy to install, use and service. USDA, FDA and 1935/2004 approved, also available with ATEX certification.

The Nilfisk PCC00HP is the innovative pneumatic conveyor with the smallest compressed air fed pump. Conceived to be integrated into the process machines of pharmaceutical and food industry. With its capability of conveying up to 300* Kg/h in the compact design makes it the best solution when a small space is available. The special filtering system and high performance in cleaning, ensuring the highest filtration performances and high durability of filter. The PCC00HP is available with or without control system, can be fully integrated in the process machine or can be used with its control system as fully independent conveyor. The PCC00HP line has been designed according to USDA guideline, it is FDA and 1935/2004 conform and fully GMP, each part can be easy disassembled without tools. COAX® technology with 3-stage COAX® ejector is higly efficient, 30–50% more energy efficient than single stage ejectors, improves the performance with modular concept, pump size is determined by number of cartridges. Thanks to 3-stage cartridges, the PCC00HP line is higly flexible, capable to convey, with best performances, different materials of different granulometry and different specific weight. All PCC conveyors have to be equipped with the dedicated accessories: feed nozzle or feed adapter.