2-axis automatic lathe
Q5 pneumatic auto-loader Ningbo GongTie Precision Machinery Co.,LTD


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High precision&compact CNC lathe with pneumatic auto-loader in vibration pan, greatly save the time for the loading raw materials and unloading the processed products.

Features :
1. High speed
2. High finish machining technology
3. High efficiency with less standing space
4. Pneumatic auto-loader with vibration pan greatly save the loading efficiency
5. Maintenance-free for 12 months

1. 0-5500RPM for spindle, through-spindle hole diameter: 20(25)
2. X/Z-axis rapid traverse rate:20m/min
3. Max. swing diameter : 245, Max. Turing length : 200;
4. X axis travel: 250, Z axis travel: 200
5. X\Z axis repeating positioning accuracy 0.002
6. Pneumatic auto-loader with vibration pan

7.Controller: Taiwan SYNTEC 21TA, optional controller, FANUC mate TD
8.Spindle motor: Taiwan SYNTEC 3.7/5.5, optional: FANUC 3.7/5.5
9.X/Z axis Servo motor/driver: YASKAWA JAPAN 750W
10.Ball screw & linear guideway: PMI TAIWAN
11.Spindle bearings: NTN JAPAN
12.Pneumatic component: JAPAN SMC
13.Low voltage electronics: SCHNEIDER FRENCH

1. Turning, drilling, tapping, threading, slotting, milling for metal, plastic, brass, iron casting.......
2. For automotive parts, valve parts, aerospace parts, metallurgical powder field and so on.


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