low-voltage circuit breaker / three-phase / AC / manual reset
TANW1-2000 series Ningbo Tianan (Group) CO.,Ltd.



  • Electrical characteristics:

    three-phase, low-voltage, AC

  • Operating mode:

    manual reset

  • Applications:


  • Current:

    Max.: 6,300 A

    Min.: 630 A

  • VAC:

    400 V, 600 V


TANW1 series intelligent universal circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a new generation developed by our company, adopting advanced technology. It is suitable in distribution network (4 pole is suitable in 3-phase-4-wire or 3-phase-5 wire system) with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 400, 600V, rated current 630-6300A, for distribution and protecting circuit and power unit from the faults of overload, undervoltage, short circuit, single phase ground. The circuit breaker has a function of intelligent protection, accurate selective protection, to improve power distribution reliability avoiding unnecessary outage.